Follow Your Own North Star…

“Believe in what you set out to do. Follow your north star.” -Brit Morin

Just a simple quote from Forbes today that can turn someones moment of reluctance and self-deprivation to an honestly pretty great one.  It’s amazing how when you are in your deepest thoughts you can find just one group of letters bunched cohesively together to form a sentence that could change your day.  But what does it mean?  What does Follow your North Star really mean?  It could be different for many people, for some it could be a journey that they have been thinking of taking and have been reluctant because of fear.  Or it could be because we are still fighting those demons of awkwardness that have haunted us since childhood.  For me it’s pretty simple.  It just means that I am on the right path; following the things that I believe in.  Not to waver and trust the journey.   It’s so easy to fall into your own thoughts and for those thoughts to spin completely out of control.  But if we remember to just trust and know that we are all in it together it somehow makes things so much easier.


I remember  when someone asked me, “Do you think it’s really that easy”?   And the answer is yes it really is that easy!  The knowing is not what makes it hard, it’s the trusting.  Trusting that you are doing your best.  Trusting that you have everything that you need.  Trusting that you are going to be ok no matter what comes your way.

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Trust the journey! and Just be You!



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