Oysters: Beyond Its Dirty Reputation

When I think of oysters I get the giggles. Alright I know what you are thinking, “Am I 12.”  But how many of you hear the word oysters and can’t think of the other word. 



Casanova ate 50 oysters every morning but do you think that it really make him frisky? Could be.  Back in 2005 both American and Italian scientist agreed that it may produce some kind of increased libido.  Still the first time I had one of these mucousy critters I was completely unaware of how slimy they actually are.  I was 20 and wanted to impress, so when I was offered an oyster at the country club I said Yes… of coursssseee… At this point in my life I loved clams and mussels why wouldn’t I love oysters?  As soon as I tasted it I didn’t know how to describe it.  It was slimy, it was cold, and it was completely unfathomably disgusting!  It was like possibly stuffing your mouth with that green slimy toy that I use to get in the vending machines when I was a kid.  

Quickly I ran through different scenarios trying to see which would be the most socially acceptable.  Could I just spit it out in front of everyone without making a commotion?   Should I just spit it into the napkin..maybe? Or just eat it?  It must have been obvious, since my face really reveals everything that I feel, my friend turns to me and says just swallow it!  Hmmm…. it took all of my strength to not gag but I did it.   I swore that I would never do eat one of those things again.


Fast forward to current time and I really think that I have managed to take the shock out of the first initial impression.  By far, cooked is my favorite way of eating them, but I have managed to eat a couple raw drowned in lemon and Horseradish Sauce.



2 thoughts on “Oysters: Beyond Its Dirty Reputation

  1. Ha the first and only time I tried an oyster was at school when they gave them out at lunch to try. I was just glad I had my main meal before I tried it… Felt instantly sick! Love the photos btw!

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