Why do Chilean’s Love Bread?

….Bread is a staple food in the Chilean diet; it is consumed at an annual rate of 200 pounds per person ranking second from Germany..I know alarming but very true!   Why, you may ask, do we consume so much bread?  Well the fact is that it’s simply delicious!  World renowned Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda even wrote Ode to Bread, to demonstrate its importance in the everyday lives of the Chilean people.

Why is the bread so delicious and all Chilean people can’t go a day without it?  Well its due to the amount of French, Spanish and German influence in Chile since its colonization so it’s pretty hard to argue that Chilean Bread is one of the best breads around!

I remember as a little girl walking to the local store to get the bread that had just gotten out of the oven.  My mom would let me eat one as I walked back to my grandmother’s house skipping and eating while holding the bag of bread.  Those of you that know me, know how much of a challenge it is for me to not trip under these circumstances.  But never was I as graceful as those moments of balancing everything perfectly every time. I truly think that it was the magic of the Chilean bread!  I would get back home and put them in the pantry so that they stayed warm.  As everything was being prepared for the “once” I would open up the door to the pantry and take a long deep inhale, letting it all sink in.  It’s perfectly poetic how the aroma filled the air, how warm the bread was with a prefect golden layer but yet so soft and melting on the inside.  Ok, I have managed to make myself crave some Chilean bread!  Off to try to find it somewhere!!



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