Green Tea Needed

It’s been a while since I have written.  It’s like this summer, I have taken to a kinder less harsh kind of hibernation with the kiddos.  Just enjoying and getting into the rhythm of life after running full force after the divorce. I heard from a very good friend of mine, a mentor, a scholar of life that rushing was violence.  I took those words and really let it sink in.  Letting it flow through my skin as if recognizing that I’ve been rushing ever since that day that my ex left.  Running scared? Showing that I would not fail almost excusing the divorce so it would make sense to the world.  Why do we do that?  Why do we have to justify our failures to the world so that we feel excepted?


In learning myself, I have met so many wonderful people who have accepted me the way that I am, but have also shown me that it’s ok to breath.  Life is not something that needs to be rushed, life is something that needs to be trusted.  I trust this path that I am on.  I trust that it’s the right one and I feel blessed with all the love that surrounds me.  It’s truly is amazing what you can learn when your whole life is turned upside down. I can’t tell you this from the whole experience , that it wasn’t pretty the whole time.  There was a lot of ugly crying to sometimes, yes even strangers.  But the more  I got it off of my chest it allowed the process of healing.  No one is going to give you a reward for not showing your emotions, trust me on this one.  If you need to cry just let yourself cry, be vulnerable.  Let yourself be seen for the people who take the time to see you, hear you and still love you in the end,  those are the ones that are the treasures in your life!


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