Vanilla Ice Cream all for me!

Yes there are some days that I feel it’s okay to just take a break from all the “right way” of eating.  I know all the reasons why I shouldn’t just sit in my pj’s watch reruns of my favorite show and eat all the ice cream until my lips and nose are so numb.  But there are sometimes when our bodies just want a vacation from all the regimented do’s and don’t’s.  Why can’t I just for one day eat what I want and not feel guilty?

When I was younger I hated when I would get out of line and it seemed that the more I obsessed about being a perfect size and the perfect weight the more and more I wanted to eat.  The whole notion of wanting to be a certain size because I wanted “the guy” that I liked to like me back.  Now in my 30’s I really don’t care.  I allow for that splurge every once in a while without feeling like I am going to hate myself in the morning.  It’s okay!  It really is, so I say lets splurge today!!!!!!


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