Cucumber Infused Water……

I remember the first time I had cucumber infused water.  I was about 24 and treated myself to a massage at a local spa.  It was the first time I did something extravagant for myself.  I walked into the most relaxing place on earth, the air smelling like minty freshness!  I was in heaven!!

In the waiting room their were a few women who, with just my 24 years of living, seemed to be the most relaxed happiest women I had ever seen.  And why not?  I didn’t know what to expect all I knew was I wanted to feel as happy as they were.

Soon I heard it cucumber water…. I thought to myself that is different but I have to have it.

I loved it from the first taste!  Not only does it taste good but the benefits are extraordinary!




1. It’s good for your muscles:

2. It’s good for your skin:

3. It’s low calorie:

4. You may drink more water:

5. It’s detoxifying:

6. It’s inexpensive:

7. Guests love it:

8. Making it is easy:

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