Recipe List…..

Going through the books I realized how much I depend on the pictures to translate the dish.  I felt like I was in another world with only the sense of my imagination to guide me on how the dish would look like.  

And then I started to wonder about first time cooks?  I remember really not to long ago, or maybe it has been, when my first was born that I didn’t know how to even make scrambled eggs.  I enjoyed my moms cooking until I left home.  Before then I didn’t even think about cooking or what spices went with what.  It was,  “mom’s cooking she’s making something that smells delicious!!!” 

After Turner was sent home at 4lbs 6oz.  All I wanted to do was to hold him close, wrap him up, and place him on my chest so he could feel my warmth and hear my heart beat.  There are not a lot of things you can do when you have a premie on your chest for hours and hours except for watching TV.  And thus was born the passion I share for food today.  

I sat there watching #the food network for hours and days on end.  One day I remember distinct-ably  saying to myself ,”I can do that!” I figured my great grandmother was an awesome cook, my grandmothers were both pretty amazing, my mom’s cooking, although very traditional Chilean dishes, was always very tasty!  

 And thus I started, but if I didn’t have that stimulated visual sense I don’t think that I would have ever wanted to start cooking.  I would have missed out on all the wonderful tastes and my children would have not known how good food could be.   And so with that said, I see now even though it is tedious, how important it is to go through each and every recipe and really pick ones that I think the kids would like and something that is really out of my comfort zone.


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